Sierra Project Foundation


Sierra Project Foundation has participated in health service trips in addition to our work of sending medicine to Ecuador and publishing health comics. In August 2015, we conducted a health survey in three different locations in Manabi province, asking 70 youth questions on school, health issues they have learned, and basic information. That study (which is attached below) helped guide us during the genesis of our comic book program.

All medical information in our comics is sourced from the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and similar organizations. We also use the medical expertise of students and doctors to guide our group. Our comics are not meant to diagnose medical problems, but rather to educate youth on such problems, prevention, symptoms, and the effects of such issues. 

Manabi Province, August 2015: Health study

Value of Adolescent Education

Education has been shown not only to reduce poverty, but also to increase the understanding of personal health. Humans are most apt to learn when they are young and countless institutions around the world support the fact that early education solidifies a foundation for future learning. The goal of Sierra Project Foundation in the comics we create is to teach health issues to youth in fun and interactive ways. And this idea is being tested by other groups that seek new and creative ways of solving humanitarian problems. For example, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are aiming to connect people to the internet to access information that would aid business and health. In India, the first state throughout the country that was able to be declared open defecation free did so through a public awareness and education campaign.