Sierra Project Foundation

Connecting with Youth Worldwide

The Sierra Project Foundation is a Denver, CO based nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health of youth through the use of graphic novels and the arts. We work with children who lack access to information on health issues to help them make better health decisions and live healthier and longer lives.

We began as a medical distributor in 2013, but found that people don’t always understand their health needs. Thus, we shifted our focus to health education – the most powerful tool for wellness of all. We rely solely on charitable donations to fund the creation, production, and distribution of our health education graphic novels. To increase our distribution, we work with multiple health facilities. 

Using Comics for Health Education

          The best way to get a message across to youth from any culture is understanding how to communicate effectively. Comics are fun, exciting and easy to read, allowing children to learn how to make healthier life choices.

Great Resource for Doctors

We print our educational comics on a frequent basis and distribute them to doctors, volunteers, and workers in several developing regions. The materials are also posted to our website in several languages, allowing individuals from all around the world the ability to access and download vital information. While standard patient education material may not effectively reach all levels of education and understanding, graphic novels are easily understood and comprehended.

Tackle Serious Health Issues 

One of our main focuses is curbing underage tobacco use and providing education on the benefits of a healthy and varied diet. These are just two of countless potential health topics that we believed families and children from countries that lack health education can be educated on.