Sierra Project Foundation

Current Members 

Kasha Akrami | Founder 

Kasha Akrami is a graduate of Mullen High School and a current student at Stanford University. Kasha started SPF his freshman year at Mullen, recruiting other young people to collect medical supplies before transitioning to making comic books. He credits SPF with giving him the chance to work with other incredibly talented and creative youth, and together create comics books that have a positive impact on people around the world. 

Meghan Nigudkar | Co-Director 

Meghan Nigudkar is a current senior at Rock Canyon High School. She works with children when volunteering at Outdoor Education camps and at libraries. Meghan expands her athletics through softball and track at RC. SPF gives her the opportunity to work with others collaboratively and be involved in the community.

Mira Nigudkar | Co-Director 

Mira Nigudkar is a graduate of Rock Canyon High School and is currently a sophomore at University of Southern California. She is studying neuroscience on a pre-med track. Mira has previously worked with children with autism spectrum disorders at local hospitals and has been an active music performer at retirement homes around Denver. At USC, she is a member of the clubs Trojan Health Volunteers, Interaxon, and MusIC. SPF has given her the opportunity to benefit children internationally through healthcare education.

Riya Gokhale | Atlanta Chapter President

Riya Gokhale is a freshman at New York University and is majoring in Global Public Health and Biology on the pre-med track. She is passionate about developing preventative care solutions and engaging in effective scientific communication. SPF gives her the opportunity to creatively and collaboratively make an impact through health education.

2021-2022 Interns 

Athena L​uo​

Athena Luo is a junior at Westlake High School in Austin, Texas. She is excited to be a part of this organization—both to help others with her knowledge of health science and to learn more about health herself. In her free time, Athena like to cook, read, and journal.

Tiffany Zheng 

Tiffany Zheng is a junior attending Hunter College High School. She works with students in the child welfare system by volunteering with an online peer tutoring program. SPF gives Tiffany the opportunity to further improve not only education but also healthcare for others.

Lina Kim 

Lina Kim is a senior at Pascack Hills High School. She works at a doctor's office on the weekends and is an active member of community service clubs such as Teens Against Cancer. Through SPF, she's able to combine her interests in healthcare, outreach, and creative writing. 

Haley Jo

Haley Jo is currently a junior at Monte Vista High School in the Bay Area, California. She plans to pursue a medical career in her future and is interested in learning about different global healthcare systems. Haley hopes that through SPF she can make a positive impact on youth around the world as well as become more educated about healthcare herself. 

Natalia Pahlavan 

Natalia Pahlavan is a junior at Jericho High School in Jericho, New York. She volunteers at her local hospital and is an active member of her peer tutoring club. Through SPF, Natalia hopes to create a positive societal impact and inform those around her and herself in healthcare education.

Royce S​un 

Royce Sun is a senior at Montgomery High School in Skillman, New Jersey. He volunteers in his local community, teaching younger students about health and sciences. SPF gives him an opportunity to expand the scope of his community service, aligned with his passions in healthcare as well. 

Navya Balaji

Navya Balaji is a junior at Basis Peoria in Phoenix, Arizona. She hopes to use SPF to have a better impact on the world and spread her passion about healthcare. In her free time, Navya likes to draw and ice skate.

Previous Members


Ana Corral | Vice President, Cartoonist

Natalia Koshnam | Co-Director of Operations 

Negeen Farida | Researcher  

Sheila Pahlavan | Co-Director of Operations

Lucie Nguyen | Former Chapter President

Shilpa Agashe | Translator, Researcher

Vic Nigudkar | Finance Management


Riya Gokhale 

Nikhil Gangaram 

Tara Subramaniam 

Lili Hauser