Sierra Project Foundation

Current Members 

Kasha Akrami | Founder 

Kasha Akrami is a graduate of Mullen High School and a current student at Stanford University. Kasha started SPF his freshman year at Mullen, recruiting other young people to collect medical supplies before transitioning to making comic books. He credits SPF with giving him the chance to work with other incredibly talented and creative youth, and together create comics books that have a positive impact on people around the world. 

Meghan Nigudkar | Intern Executive 

      Meghan Nigudkar is a rising junior at Rock Canyon High School. She works with children when volunteering at Outdoor Education camps and at libraries. Meghan expands her athletics through softball and track at RC. SPF gives her the opportunity to work with others collaboratively and be involved in the community.

Mira Nigudkar | Co-President 

      Mira Nigudkar, a graduate of Rock Canyon High School, will be a freshman at University of Southern California in the fall. She will be studying neuroscience on a pre-med track. Mira has previously worked with children with autism spectrum disorders at local hospitals and has been an active music performer at retirement homes around Denver. SPF has given her the opportunity to benefit children internationally through healthcare education. 

Lucie Nguyen | Co-President

      Lucie Nguyen is an incoming freshman at University of Colorado Boulder who recently graduated from Columbine high school. She is majoring in both integrative physiology and political science. Through interning for SPF she is able to combine both of her passions for serving others and being involved in the medical field.

2020-2021 Interns 

Riya Gokhale 

      Riya Gokhale is a senior at Milton High School. She regularly volunteers at her local hospital and women’s shelter. With service being a major part of her life, SPF gives her the opportunity to creatively and collaboratively make an impact through education about health. 

Nikhil Gangaram 

      Nikhil Gangaram is a junior at Bellarmine College Preparatory. He is currently doing robotics through FRC and is also a Boy Scout. With service being a big part of both his school and Boy Scout life, he has found another way to give back to the community with SPF.

Tara Subramaniam

      Tara Subramaniam is a sophomore at Lincoln High School. She works in design in other non profit organizations centered around her passions of educational equality and healthcare, and through SPF, she has found a way to help people while doing what she loves most. 

Lili Hauser 

     Lili Hauser is a senior at the Girls Athletic Leadership High School. She is currently trying to get better at sketching while applying to colleges to become a neuro pharma psychologist to help improve the lives of the mentally ill. SPF gives me an opportunity to step into the world of health and education and practice my art skills.

Previous Members

Ana Corral | Vice President, Cartoonist

Natalia Koshnam | Co-Director of Operations 

Negeen Farida | Researcher  

Sheila Pahlavan | Co-Director of Operations